Meri Crusher

An improvement to mulching by Martens iQuipment

While the Meri Crusher is an excellent machine for mulching, Martens iQuipment saw some room
for improvement here and there.

“It needed two different devices to achieve an excellent end result, so why not combine them?”
That is exactly what iQuipment thought of and what they have made work.

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1. Adjustable sieve

The adjustable plate of the Meri Crusher is made of strong, high-quality steel plate. The hexagonal holes are optimally positioned to allow soil of the right size to pass through. At the back of the frame, large pieces of organic material are first pre-pressed. Also at the back of the frame, larger pieces of organic material are first pre-ground by counter rotating blades and are then returned until they are of the desired size.

The hydraulic shield plate is height adjustable from the tractor cab, even while driving! This screening solution guarantees you top results, even when deep mulching a stabilizing rotor and/or on a typical type of stabilizing rotor. There is less force required and thus the wear on the machines remains low.

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2. Hinged frame and transmission

The machine frame has a hinged connection that makes it possible to adjust the depth of cut without having to adjust the three-point coupling. Regardless of whether the mulching is on the surface or deep in the ground, an optimum gimbal angle is guaranteed. The hinge connection is located around the middle of the secondary transmission with a strong slide bearing.

The hydraulic cylinder performs all the necessary adjustments smoothly; adjustments can also be made during actual use. The transmission consists of one or two final gearboxes that allow up to 700 hp. A pressure-controlled POC coupling protects the transmission against overloading. Furthermore, the driver is warned if the clutch slips through the slip sensor mounted on the line.

The advantages

Fully adjustable, even during use

Only one machine needed for the job

Requires less power from the tractor

The sieve provides a finer end result

A relatively low RPM ensures less wear on the forestry cutter

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sustainable solutions for groundworking?

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